UTV or ATV: What To Buy?

Riders sometimes cannot decide whether they need ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or they need UTV (utility terrain vehicle). While these are similar and have a similar operation, they have different purposes. The difference between ATV and UTV is basically in the purpose of the vehicle even though people often mix these and cannot choose the appropriate vehicle because of that. We will list some basic info about each type of vehicle so you could gather some knowledge and choose the appropriate vehicle for your needs.

What are ATVs?

All-terrain vehicle are made for people who like to go for a recreational off-road ride, through a dense woods and muddy trail. These can handle rough terrains well thanks to a good construction and easy turning that allows sharp turns that will not turn you over. Though not made for loads, they can handle smaller loads, allowing passengers to get on and off the vehicle easily. In most of the cases, ATVs are made for a single person, though some more powerful models support up to two persons.


What are ATVs?

When it comes to handling, these are highly precise and allow very delicate control. All people who are looking for a sport rides will love ATVs because of these features. Of course, depending on the vehicle, some are more specialized in racing and riding while some are made especially for a relaxed ride through the rugged terrains and dense woods. In terms of cost, ATVs are much cheaper than UTVs and you can generally find spare parts much easier.

What are UTVs?

Utility-terrain vehicle are basically designed to be used on ranches and farms, but the newer models and generations of these vehicles are versatile and offer a wide range of customizations. UTVs are single seated like ATVs but new models offer two-person seats.


What are UTVs?

Depending on the model, some vehicles have cabin-like structure, which offer more support during the bumpy rides. These offer much more space for cargo loads and drivers can gear up with all the necessary equipment – from hunting to camping. Generally speaking, UTVs are more customized and offer a lot of accessories for drivers, including special set of tires that offer fantastic performances in mud, HID lighting and cab heaters.

UTVs are much better choice for people who are looking for a safer ride and a vehicle that can take a lot of cargo for outdoor adventures. They are a bit harder to handle when compared to ATVs but these are heavier and it is almost impossible to flip over with this vehicle. Still, this depends on your riding skills and terrain, but generally offer safer ride than ATVs.

What to choose?

If you are looking for a fast and accurate vehicle that will take you through the mud, ATVs are a better choice as they are more agile and faster. Still, the lack of space for cargo might lead you to choosing the UTV which offer a lot of cargo space and powerful machine that can take you anywhere. UTV usually offers more horsepower, better protection and more cargo, so if you need these features, you should go with a UTV.