Helpful features of Bluetooth technology

In the past, Bluetooth has presented some impressive wireless technology and enabled us all sorts of functionality with various gadgets. But, somehow, in the last couple of years, this technology seems to be forgotten. Now everyone is using popular messaging apps to share content because it’s more convenient. To make Bluetooth work, you need to pair two devices and transfer is a lot slower than using standard internet connection. But, let’s not forget that Bluetooth is much more than sharing files, so here are some overlooked features that are useful in the modern world.


How many times have you been pulled over because you were using your phone while driving? Probably, too many! In this way, you aren’t only endangering yourself, but also other people in traffic. But, with the use of Bluetooth technology, you can relax and drive safely. For example, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth enabled car stereos will allow you keep your phone in the pocket, while you drive. The connection is stable so that you won’t experience any troubles and what’s most important, it’s safe. So, if you haven’t tried this technology yet, then it’s time to get a new Bluetooth headset.


You don’t have to rely on radio and cables when it comes to music. There are available Bluetooth headphones which will provide you a crystal-clear sound and audio transmission. You can also connect your phone to the car stereo and play your favorite songs. Majority of cars have a button on the device of the steering wheel which provides you to go between songs and control the volume. If you are tired of browsing different radio stations in search of your favorite music, then we suggest you buy this device. It will save you a lot of time, and you will enjoy quality music while driving.

Keyboard and mouse

keyboardAudio and hands-free communications are significant features of Bluetooth technology, but there is much more than you can do. Using smartphones for typic can be convenient if you are replying to messages and short emails. But, what happens when you have to do a lot of typing in the limited amount of time. In this case, Bluetooth technology comes as a useful and convenient solution. You can connect a keyboard or a mouse with your phone and perform this task with ease. This technology will provide you speed and reliability. So far, we haven’t met too many people who perfect touchscreen over a keyboard. Some devices even allow you to pair mouse to use it as a full-fledged desktop.

Transfer file

Even though, this feature is less prevalent, some people still use it because it’s secure. If both devices have an enabled Bluetooth option, then you can do this. For example, the best way to utilize this feature is to send data from your computer to your phone. For an Android phone, you will have to install an app, which can deliver you faster transfer, than using traditional option. This is an excellent option if you aren’t a fan of Dropbox.