Technology and marketing

Advertising on the Internet over the past few years surpasses investment in traditional media in the most developed markets of the world. Google becomes the most trusted source after relatives and friends, and the number of Facebook users has created the largest country in the world. Next to them are marketing agencies such as Bang Digital which are becoming more and more important in the world of the Internet, technology, and marketing.

Today there is no creativity without technology. From insights from data to channels and measurements … tech is everywhere. These two things are completely interconnected. Every day, on the news, in the shows, in the newspapers, we hear about technology, just like talking about it. After all, rapid and actual spread of news about anything is enabled precisely by technology.

How does that world work?

The formula is simple: brands follow consumer behavior, and agencies follow brands. And as social media today in many markets is an important part of the use of digital technologies, then marketing on these media is growing. The role of social media is otherwise diverse because the nature of that space allows for different uses – from gaining new users to worry about existing ones. Social media is the ‘Swiss knife’ of marketing channels.

If brands want to function well in social media, they must first integrate them into their own internal culture, which means, first of all, a change in the way of cooperation between departments and functions within the organization. Only such a brand can continually create content for social media.


Why is marketing so important?

Marketing has always been, and always will be a science that deals with the study of consumer needs and meeting the needs of consumers. Designing Products that meet customer needs is a marketing tool for each company.

A logistics is a marketing tool that brings the product into consumer homes. Because if consumers can not get to your perfect product that solves major consumer problems, no one will be able to buy it. A pricing strategy is a marketing tool that ensures that your product will be able to be purchased by those for whom it is intended while making a profit.

Promotion is a marketing tool that leads to new consumers while retaining the existing one. Because if no one knows about your product, it’s all for nothing. All these tools are a crucial and inseparable part of marketing.

Technology in the hands

Is it enough today to have just a web site?

No, it is not. Why? Because customers want everything, they want full experience not just a product or service. Customers want to have all the information and benefits so they will search through the internet looking for just that. So, it is a great start to have a fully functional website but you need other marketing tools as well as profiles on various social media as well as ads. Why would Gucci or Nike still pay for advertisement on Facebook and Instagram when everybody knows that brands? Because it is needed to be always present.